Assault on Conwy Castle

Joel and I spent the long Easter weekend in and around Snowdonia National Park in Wales. We climbed the icy Mt Snowdon, ate three course meals every day, drank mead and watched medieval sword fighting.

Castles were on the agenda, Wales being the ‘land of the castles’ with 400 within its borders. The most magnificent one we visited was Conwy Castle.

Conwy Castle

From a tower of Conwy Castle, Wales

Joel is a keen rock climber. I could tell he was itching to scale the castle walls. He was always examining the stonework and looking up to plan his route.

Joel at Conwy Castle

The rocks call out to Joel.

Joel at Conwy Castle

He tests his footing...

Joel at Conwy Castle

...and begins his ascent.

Joel at Conwy Castle

For a moment he hangs.

Joel at Conwy Castle

Then he pulls himself up.

Joel at Conwy Castle

Smile for the camera, Joel.

Joel at Conwy Castle

Look how far you've come!

Joel at Conwy Castle

Time to come back down, Joel.

Sign at Conwy Castle

Oops! It's really time to come back down now.


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