Part of a community

I went for a walk today, one and a half hours of wandering around the neighbourhood. I was pleased to see many families and friends outside in the sunshine on this public holiday.

I tried to think about my recent serious musings while I walked but the world was too interesting and distracting.

Two friends rode by on their bikes — one was arguing for nuclear power and the other insisted that we hadn’t yet given solar power a proper go.

As I walked by two elderly ladies, I heard one say, “And if you send an email to the webmaster…”

Three younger people rode towards me.
      ”Hey, it’s Joan! Hi Joan!”
      ”Uh, hi Yuen Yuen…” I said, as they whizzed by. Yuen Yuen had been in the year above me at high school.
      ”Who was that?” her companion asked
      ”Joan, she went to high school with us.”
      ”Oh! Joan [Surname]??”
Their conversation faded as they rode away.

I reached the park and found it full of people, much like on National Picnic Day. I had been practising my new dance routine in my head and decided I wanted to practise it with my limbs. I found a quiet spot on the grass under a tree and started dancing. I looked down at my feet, interested in how quickly they could move and if they were at the correct angles.

At some point, I looked up and saw two boys looking at me curiously.

I hope I had entertained them as much as everyone else had entertained me today.

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