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See my blog links on the right? All year, I’ve included a link there to the Bloggies. I’ve just realised that there are four days left before nominations for the 2006 Bloggies close.

If you are inclined, could you please vote for me? I could fit into:

  • Best Australian or New Zealand blog
  • Most humorous blog
  • Best-kept-secret blog

I believe you have to nominate two other blogs as well. I’m having difficulty understanding the voting instructions but that might be the five beers and half a glass of champagne I just had.

Under ‘Nominee’, you would use ‘Coconut Joan’, the title of my blog.

I don’t have as many readers as many blogs but I know you all love me and that’s enough.

Hugs all,

Joanium’s voting card

Best Australian or New Zealand blog

Best American blog

Best topical blog

Most humorous blog

Best writing of a blog

Best-kept-secret blog

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