I could not have asked for better

At the start of the week, Jamie and I drive north for two and a bit hours. We do mildly confusing work for another company, then drive about twenty minutes to our apartment.

We’re in a new apartment every week. They seem to get better and better. The one we were in this week was really a house with a full kitchen, king sized beds, thick fluffy towels and complimentary chocolates.

Even better, there was enough space for me to teach Jamie how to cha cha and samba. We spend a third of the evening cooking, the second third dancing, and the hours before sleep time playing the guitar and singing.

It’s a wonderful life.

We start the evening by cooking in the kitchen. Jamie and I discovered that yogurt, cucumber and rice is a delicious combination.

The mark of a good housemate: courtesy in regards to the use of the bathroom.

Despite having a queen bed, I only ever sleep on one side.

We didn’t turn on the TV all week. The DVD player got a workout, playing dance music. Jamie also kindly consented to being my karaoke machine.


  1. vera says:

    Yeah, I’m jealous of your apartment, Joan! The only thing it doesn’t seem to have are polished timber floors…

  2. joanium says:

    It had tiles through most of it. The living room and bedrooms were carpeted.

    I like tiles too. Tiles are kind of groovy to dance on, if you wear thick socks. I was sliding all over the place, even when cooking 🙂

  3. vera says:

    I don’t like tiles. My old house was mostly tiled, and it was always so cold to walk on on winter mornings!

  4. Shrapnel says:

    You need to get those heated concrete slabs underneath your tiles, nothing nicer than stumbling out of bed on a cold morning to find your floor is warm!!

  5. vera says:

    Yeah. But they’re expensive. REALLY expensive. Plus, it’s energy inefficient because you have to leave it on all winter long because it takes so long to heat up!

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