Choice, the curse of affluence

Speaking of angsting about inconsequential choices, I booked my flight through the Emirates website. This is what I was confronted with:

This is why I’m no good at shopping. I walk into a store and am overwhelmed by choice. Inevitably, I walk out with nothing. And that’s what happened this time. I chose ‘No preference’.

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  1. vera says:

    Unless you have special dietary requirements, I don’t think you could have foreseen, three months in advance, what you’d feel like eating on the day…

    (General “you”.)

  2. joanium says:

    Hehe… Where’s the ‘HIGH FAT MEAL’? There should be the option of deep friend everything.

    I must be growing up. I met some friends at Max Brenner and nothing appealed.

  3. vera says:

    I don’t think liking chocolate is necessarily an age thing. I mean, eating ridiculous amounts of sweets is definitely something people grow out of, but I think good chocolate can be appreciated into old age… 🙂

  4. Mr truffles says:

    I am very grateful to Mr Wonka who taught me an important life lesson: who needs love when you have chocolate…

  5. Shrapnel says:


    I’d have the asian/vegetarian/oriental/high fibe/low cholesterol/low fat/non-lactose/low purin meal…

    That’s just rice and veges yeah?

    I don’t actually know what purin is, which is why i don’t want much of it…

  6. joanium says:

    HAHAHA!!! I looked up ‘purin’ in Wikipedia and I got a link to… Jigglypuff! Jigglypuff, I see, is one of the original Pokemon.

    So Jon, a low purin meal must be one low in Jigglypuff.

    Here’s another definition I found on a blog:

    purin – noun; a custard-like japanese pudding dessert; can be eaten with various toppings such as cream, caramel, or honey; a versatile delicacy often eaten with almost anything.

    From Vietnam Airlines:

    Low purin/uric acid meal — This meal avoids foods containing Axit uric (livre, kidney, animal brain). It is ordered by persons suffering from aching and swelling arthritis (mainly toe and finger), kidneystone.

  7. Shrapnel says:

    Jiiiiiggglllyyy puuuuufffff 🙂

    lol I remember my kids running around screaming that during playtime a little while back 🙂 Hmmm low-purin seems like the go, I’m not a fan of livers/kidneys/brains.

    They need a glossary to go along with their meal list 🙂

  8. ai says:

    Purin (pronounced poo-rin) is basically Japanese for a desert like Creme Caramel. I think the word comes from the English word Pudding.

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