Durian Durian

Yesterday, Damjan was introduced to the durian, a shy tropical fruit that defends itself from predators with its spikes and its fragrance.

Regarding spikes, I offered Damjan use of my steel-capped boots. Industrial-strength protective footwear is recommended to those who frequently handle durian and jackfruit, like greengrocers.

Regarding its fragrance, Wikipedia has some graphic descriptions. The fine city of Singapore has banned durians on its public transport. I was on the Paris Metro once and smelled a durian-like smell. People around me were complaining about the odour. I didn’t mind it so much because it made me think of tropical fruit.

As for its flavour? Mum and dad love it. Many people are addicted. Our first time taster, Damjan, says that there is a coffee aftertaste.

He said, “The flavour’s really complex. I think it’s an acquired taste.”

I asked, “Do you want to acquire it?”

He said, “Sure!”

Damjan likes food.


  1. vera says:

    Yeah, I would be using the word “fragrance” only very loosely to describe that smell.

    Apparently I liked durian as a child. I can’t stand the smell now. Maybe I unacquired the taste.

  2. Shrapnel says:


    Yeah I can’t stand durian either. Supposedly if you freeze it, the pungeunt odour of DEATH is somewhat lessened.

    I’ve heard you can get some decent durian ice cream which doesn’t smell at all too…

  3. joee says:

    The durian ice cream we got at il dolce freddo still smelled (smelt?) pretty bad.

    I like the taste, and I never remember disliking the smell. Now I associate it with fruit, so it smells pleasant to me.

  4. vera says:

    Well, I’d believe that freezing it would take away the smell — freezing anything takes away the smell because something blah blah vapours (as usual, I can’t remember the exact explanation, but have some vague concept in my head).

    But the minute you defrost it, it’ll be back!

  5. ai says:

    I’ve never had durian before, in those pictures it looks like an omelet so it looks quite good! I’m curious, I wanna try it now but I doubt I’ll be able to get it in Japan..

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