Hello World

An Indian village of 1753 residents uploads itself to the internet.

Visitors to Hansdehar village’s Web site (www.smartvillages.org) can see the names, jobs and other details of its 1753 residents, browse photographs of their shops and read detailed specifications about their drainage and electricity facilities…

In preparation, Jasvir Singh, 21, has hired what is only the second computer in the village to learn to type. He says he can do 25 words a minute and is getting faster…

Few villagers had much of an idea about the Internet, but Singh was soon able to explain the fundamentals.

Pick any Bollywood actress, he told them in a slideshow presentation, and you can access hundreds of photographs of her…

Hazoor Singh, a local maths teacher, will have space on the Web site to publish his forthcoming paper, in which he describes parallels between the nature of God and mathematical set theory.

And at least one young bachelor said he would start browsing for a potential wife.

Well worth reading.

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