Triple ‘Oh!’

Paul, our first aid trainer, was teaching us what happens when you call ‘000’ in an emergency.

“The first thing they ask is ‘Police, fire or ambulance?’,” he said. “Today, we’re asking for an ambulance.” He wrote ‘AMBULANCE’ on the board then marked out about six or seven dashes underneath the word.

“What’s the next thing you think they’ll ask?”

“I guess, where you are?” someone suggested.

“Right.” Next to the second dash, Paul wrote ‘PRECISE LOCATION’. “What next?”

And so we went. Very quickly, we had on the board ‘AGE’, ‘CONTACT PHONE NUMBER’, ‘CHIEF COMPLAINT’, ‘CONSCIOUS?’ and ‘BREATHING?’.

There was one more spot left.

“One more to go, guys!” Paul urged. We stared at each other in puzzlement. Silence. I racked my brain. What else do paramedics need to know? Dangers on site? Medical history?

“Come on, one more… It’s a three letter word…” Paul hinted.

The two youngest men in the room said simultaneously, “SEX!”


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