What I’ve been doing this past week

I finished up at work last Monday. Since then, I’ve been saying final goodbyes to friends, doing my tax and packing my bags. I got a new suitacase. It’s 108 L and purple. The people at work also gave me a 30 L backpack, which I was really excited about. I had resigned myself to not getting a new backpack. This one has ventilation panels and an instruction manual and everything!

At the moment, I’m copying my CDs onto the computer so that I can take my music on my portable hard drive. I’m copying Thriller by Michael Jackson. It’s really slow.

I’ve chosen to copy the music as WMA. If I had more time, I’d think a bit more about the ethical and optimal audio format to use. My immediate needs, however, was to use a widely accepted format with small file sizes. I also like the way Windows Media Player can find album information. I don’t need to type it all in!

I went to a vineyard at Red Hill on the weekend. I have many photos. I think about two-thirds of them will be deleted. I will post them up once they’ve been processed.

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