Red light district – Paris

I’ve visited Paris twice now. Both times, I stayed at Montmartre, north of the River Seine and home of Paris’s red light district.

After Amsterdam’s window women, there was no reason for me to worry about taking mum and dad to the Paris equivalent. So we walked to the Moulin Rouge (‘Red Windmill’), once during the day and once at night.

At night time, the pimps were working hard. One of them grabbed my arm as I walked by. Quite a few waved us down excitedly.

‘xìng biáo yăn! xìng biáo yăn!’ they called*. ‘Live sex show! Live sex show!’

Mum was really impressed. ‘Wow!’ she exclaimed. ‘They can speak Chinese!’

*If your computer can display Chinese: 性表演

The famous red windmill of Moulin Rouge.

Another view of Basilique du Sacré Coeur, which dominates the skyline of Montmartre.

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