A worthy cause

You can find the same Big Issue seller outside Sainsbury’s in town almost every day. He keeps up a stream of drawling chatter, spruiking to a constant flow of shoppers who walk by without making eye contact. ‘Big Issue, someone, anyone, buy your Big Issue here, only thirty to go, help out your fellow man, I’ve got thirty more copies then I can go home…’

With his experience, he could work as a spruiker for any retail store.

One weekend, Damjan and I were had popped into Sainsbury’s for fruit. It was getting late and the Big Issue seller’s monologue was still going: ‘Only six more copies, buy your Big Issue, I need money to get drunk, I wish I didn’t but it’s true, buy your Big Issue, six copies to go…’

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  1. hwasungmars@gmail.com says:

    Yes, I try not to have eye contact with him. Just because I feel guilty, when I do. I still remember you, I used to come to your blog regularly, nowadays I am to busy with my exams to pop up and say hi! But thanks for reminding me.


    and goodbye… take care.

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