High school reunion

I was idly thinking about how easy it would be to organise a 10-year high school reunion. Through Facebook, I’ve already found 50 high school mates. There are probably twenty more out there in Facebook land who I haven’t spotted or who I didn’t know well enough to make into Facebook friends.

I would create a Facebook group for the class of 2000, then use the group to organise a reunion for 2010. It might have to be that far out because it seems like we have scattered all over the world. If everyone gets in contact with everyone else they know, I’m sure we’d have a good proportion of the year level. We had just under 300 people all together, I think.

So, say 120 agree to come and half of them bring their partners. That’s 180 people. Thinking about the logistics, how would we pay for venue hire, catering and music? Maybe we could ask for $10 per person (at the door or pre-paid?).

I just found a catering company that has finger food menu for $9 per person.

I’m sure we could get the high school to hire out the school hall. Stick an MP3 player into the sound system, then voilĂ , music!

Haha, I just had a flashback to our high school socials, which were also held in the school hall. I remember what a highlight it was, to dress up for that one night of the year, then go to school and dance. There must have been teachers milling about to supervise, I don’t remember. What a strange situation, yet I never thought of it as strange before.

I remember our debating team arranging for substitute debaters from the year below us so that we could go to the social. That must have been in Year 9.

I wonder if the school still organises socials? I wonder if fourteen year olds these days are too grown up for that kind of event?


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