The value of idealism in the real world

I really like this short opinion article — The power of ideas.

This reflects a philosophy that I’ve learned this year at Cambridge. It is a philosophy that I have not only learned but have come to believe in my core. Essentially, for me to be effective, authentic, persuasive and steadfast in the real world, I need a deep understanding of the ideal state. It is not enough to build on what’s already been done, seeing a few feet or five years ahead in the fog. Fundamental change happens when you know what you are aiming for over the next ten, twenty, fifty years, and there are a critical mass of people who believe in the same vision.

You can be idealistic and realistic at the same time. In fact, to be a change agent, you have to be.

This year has given me vision and that has been more valuable than any technical or business skills one might learn.

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  1. dan says:

    I totally agree with you, as you might probably guess! Vision is extremely important, and lack of vision is a major impediment to social change.

    But I found the age article extremely annoying! At least the idea gets some currency in the age… if only it weren’t presented with such appalling examples as Gordon Brown, Benedict XVI, Krudd, or Plato’s Republic…

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