Today, I looked after Neo for a few hours. We started the day by baking Dalek biscuits.

Compare them to the original:

Not bad, eh, except for us using Cheerios for some of the brass buttons.

In the afternoon, we went to the cinema to watch Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. It was 95 minutes of not very taxing viewing. I overdosed on popcorn.

I went to the gym to undo the damage caused by eating too much popcorn. Despite it not being a public holiday (and me being forced by work to take annual leave), the gym was boarded up closed.

I could have jogged around a park. I could have jogged the 0.8 km home with gusto, instead of doing it half heartedly. But it is now dark and I am a fundamentally lazy person. So now, here I am, blogging instead of exercising.


  1. rohanpm.net says:

    I’m surprised you describe yourself as “a fundamentally lazy person”, although it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think laziness is a big motivation behind many significant technological advances.

  2. joanium says:

    Rohan, glad to see you using OpenID. I am lazy in relation to most kinds of aerobic activity. It makes me feel uncomfortable, most of the time I’m bored, and there are lots of other things I’d rather be doing.

    The only exception to this is dancing, which I love doing.

    Even though I don’t like exercise, I usually push myself properly when I am doing it. The hardest part, though, is to get myself to do it. I really hate it.

    Happy new year to you too, misscipher!

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