In Germany

I’m in Berlin now. Mo and Ulli are hosting us. I met Mo in a delightfully random way at Cambridge and am reaping the rewards of my willingness to talk to strangers on a whim.

I will be travelling around Germany by train for the next two weeks. I will post photos and stories eventually. I already have one — Damjan and I got on an overnight train in Brussels and nearly had to leave because I had bought tickets for the wrong date! I was horrified. It could have been a disaster. I’ll let you know how it turned out in a future blog entry.


  1. joanium says:

    ftalk, you make me sound like a workaholic :)

    I was on holiday for two weeks and because of the two public holidays related to Easter, only needed to take 9 days off. This means I’ll start the UK financial year (1 April) with a negative annual leave balance!

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