Bathroom geography

I’m terrible at geography and do my best to hide it. If someone said, ‘I know it’s crazy, but Mogadishu is next on my destination list,’ I’d nod and say, ‘Totally!’, with only the vaguest idea of where Mogadishu is.

But no more! There is change in my life and that change is a new shower curtain.

‘Do you like the new shower curtain?’ asked Damian the next morning.

‘It’s wonderful!’ I enthused. ‘I finally know where Malawi is! And who knew Madagascar was so big!’

‘The only thing I’m not sure about is that I never see America. It’s all the way bunched up in the corner,’ Damian mused. ‘Maybe every once in a while, we can flip the curtain around so that we can see the other side…’

‘An, never mind America,’ I dismissed. ‘Look how boring it is! Just a couple of big countries, that’s all. Now, AFRICA, that’s the interesting bit! I never knew there were so many countries in Africa!’

Damian agreed, ‘Yes, I suppose you’re right.’

America, whose geography is quite dull (without the various States marked in, anyway).

Africa, a far more interesting (and politically troubled) part of the curtain.

My housemates, Damian and Richard, behind curtain number 1.


  1. joanium says:

    I don’t normally like shower curtains. They’re very common in the UK, where in old houses the baths have been converted to showers. This curtain makes up for that, though.

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