London in Melbourne

My London workmates gave me a great present from Muji: London in a Box.

I’ve now set up the London skyline on my desk in Melbourne.

London city scape in my office

London city scape in my office

Here is a close up of a few pieces (from the Muji website).

London in a Box from Muji

London in a Box from Muji

Muji also sell New York in a Box (soooo iconic), Italy in a Box (the whole country? Surely Rome has enough landmarks?), Germany in a Box (heh, I wonder if they include a big broken wall), Paris in a Box (I don’t think the Eiffel Tower is much good), and Edo in a Box (very delicate cityscape).

Man, I love these wooden toys. By the way, this is not a paid advertorial for Muji.


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