Brand disloyalty

‘Hey Joan, let’s go to into YD,’ my brother said. ‘They usually have good casual shirts.’

Jason and I browsed a while and found a purple shirt and a blue-green shirt that I liked.

At the sales counter, the lady packaged Jason’s new shirts and took his card.

One of the other store assistants was hanging around. ‘So the XS was the right size?’ he said.

‘Yeah, the XXS is too small. I knew that XS would be right,’ Jason said.

‘Well, those shirts are great colours.’ He switched tack. ‘Hey, I like your jeans. What brand are they?’

‘They’re Nobody jeans,’ Jason replied. ‘Kind of hard to get in the store.’

‘Yeah, they look good,’ the store assistant said. ‘I have to wear YD jeans and sometimes I get sick of it… Although they’re really good!’ he added quickly.

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