It’s just like Lego

Damjan: ‘I liked playing with Lego.’

Joan: ‘I liked Lego too. I often made the same thing with my set. It was a fairground with a ferris wheel.’

Damjan: ‘What Lego set did you have?’

Joan: ‘It was just the bricks.’

Damjan: ‘You just had bricks?’

Joan: ‘Yeah, just the normal set.’

Damjan: ‘Oh… I always had the Technics.’

Joan: ‘Were they the ones where you got instructions?’

Damjan: ‘Yeah. I would rush to finish it. I thought the point was to make the toy and play with it.’

Joan: ‘Oh, but the fun would have been in the making of it.’

Damjan: ‘I guess I didn’t appreciate it when I was a kid.’

The next day, Damjan arrived home with a box of computer parts to make our new computer. He started assembling it straight after dinner.

Damjan: ‘It’s so easy and so much fun. It’s just like Lego.’

Joan: ‘But you’re just following the instructions.’

Damjan: ‘Yes! It’s just like Lego!’

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