Banana house

My mum gave me a yellow banana-shaped box. It says ‘banana house’ on it.

I’m doing my best to avoid owning things and cluttering up our new apartment, so I thought maybe this banana house was one of those ‘over the top’ items, invented to solve a problem no one has.

But I gave it a go and now I like it. It is a regular vistor to my workplace.

Banana house
Banana house
I have just started working at a client’s office. I brought the banana house on the first day and word got around that I had this strange thing. People asked me about my ‘banana box’ when we met at meetings.

Banana in case
Banana in case
It’s necessary to choose bananas of the correct curvature. Occasionally, too, bananas can be too thick to fit in the case. Sarah at work asked me if I bring my case to the market and test out bananas before putting them into my shopping basket.

Truncated banana
Truncated banana
One week, we bought very large bananas. None of them would fit into the case so I had to cut the top third of one them in order to get an unsquashed banana to work.


    • joanium says:

      Hi Vera — that’s a great idea. I wonder if there are any trade offs with the strength of the case?

      Hi Yap — a nice low tech solution. For a while in Australia, bananas were like solid gold so we would have had to lock up the comb of bananas in our drawers!

  1. joanium says:

    I was sitting in the kitchen at work and a woman came up to me.

    ‘I’m sorry, can I ask what’s in your banana box?’

    I said, ‘A banana,’ then opened it up to show her.

    ‘Oh! I thought it could have been sunglasses.’

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