Fallback technology

I was sitting by the river on Southbank. It was sunny and I was waiting a few minutes before my meeting.

‘Excuse me! Do you live around here?’ A man in smart suit was coming towards me.

‘Not exactly here…’ I began.

‘Do you know where the restaurant called Waterfront is?’ he asked.

‘Yes.’ I stood up and pointed the opposite direction from where he came. ‘You have to go past the big road. It’s probably another five minutes walk…’

I noticed he was carrying his iPhone face up. ‘Do you have the map?’ I asked, pointing at his phone.

‘No, it’s not working,’ he said, looking cross.

I reached into my bag and pulled out the tattered cycle map that I always carry.

‘We’re here,’ I said. ‘You need to cross Queensbridge and go halfway up the block towards Princes Bridge…’

‘Ah!’ He saw immediately. ‘Thanks!’

He rushed off to his companion, calling, ‘Keep going that way!’

I folded up my map and put it back in my bag.

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