Damjan and I are going ‘pescatarian’ for a month. Pescatarians are vegetarians that eat fish. My reason for trialling a new diet is to reduce the environmental impact of my food.

It’s been hard to take this step — not because I love eating meat (I quite like it) or that it is a staple of my diet (I don’t eat much), but because I worry about inconveniencing people with dietary preferences.

However, my friends and family are supportive and interested in this trial. ‘Tell me if you find some easy tasty vegetarian recipes,’ my mum said.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about: I don’t have any logical reason for allowing fish in my trial diet. I’m consistent with a lot of people, who do seem to draw a line between meat and fish.

I suppose fish seem a bit alien, possibly stupid and unfeeling. However, I understand that fish do feel pain. There are also lots of environmental issues like overfishing and bycatch.

I have no answers, really.

To give you an idea of how things are going:

  • Day 1 — Chips during the early morning Olympics ceremony, home made Eggs Atlantic, fabulous vegetarian dinner courtesy of friends Xing and Chris
  • Day 2 — Knedle soup (made with okara from our soy milk maker), omelette with fresh bread
  • Day 3 — Black bean and pumpkin stew, Thai butternut squash curry

Tomorrow is our first restaurant visit as pescatarians. Ordering should be straightforward with cut down menu options. We’re lucky in Melbourne that almost every restaurant has vegetarian and fish options.


  1. Alden says:

    I think I’m pescatarian unconsciously by choice. Usually if there’s a choice between beef and chicken, it’ll be chicken. But my inclination becomes clearer when it comes to chicken-fish, beef-fish, pork-fish. My choice will be fish. I see it from the angle of favourite food, instead of a “sacrificial” way of life.

  2. joanium says:

    Chicken is one of my favourite foods. However, I probably eat pork the most because my mum cooks it for us.

    Do you have a favourite fish, Alden? I like salmon. I also love calamari but I feel a bit bad about it now because I found out squid are actually very intelligent! Cobi won’t eat octopus or squid at all.

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