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Who Gives a Crap delivers toys

I used to be sad that the recycled toilet paper in the shops is terrible. I now buy Who Gives a Crap toilet paper (recycled paper) and tissues (bamboo / sugarcane). These are both strong and soft. Price-wise, they’re similar to other sustainable options in the shops.

I don’t usually give free advertising to companies but these people seriously solved my internal conflict between ethics and comfort.

Here’s Mia with our latest tissue delivery.

There is a colourful stack of tissue boxes. Behind the stack, there are two cardboard boxes. A toddler is sitting in one of them. Her face is not visible.
Mia carefully empties the box then announces, ‘Now I have a bath.’
A range of colourful toys sit on top of a row of colourful tissue boxes. There are two boxes in the background. A toddler's legs and feet are sticking out of one of the boxes.
Mia’s tissue box tower collapses and she says, ‘Hmm, better make a train.’
A toddler has a large box over her head. Only her legs and feet are visible. She is indoors.
Mia: ‘I have a costume.’
Me: ‘What are you dressed as?’
Mia: ‘A ghost.’