I was really looking forward to filling in a form for the five-yearly Australian census. You have no idea how much I love forms.

I was in Shepparton on August 8. Jamie, Erin and I were going to have a census party. We were a household.

The form never showed up in our letterbox. It wasn’t even under the doormat. Perhaps it was because we live in a serviced apartment. Yet, when our hosts dropped by for a chat the next day, they told us that guests staying in the other apartments were given forms.

I was crushed.

I particpated in a telephone survey this morning but even that couldn’t ameliorate the pain of losing my census.


  1. auheM says:

    I believe there was an Internet form that you can still fill in for a few weeks following the Census, but you need the paper form for the access code.
    I was happy to see my form when inspecting my temporary Dubbo studio apartment with the real estate agent.

  2. Alica says:

    Oh Joan, I feel your pain. I also love filling in forms and am already counting down the days until the next census (when maybe I will be person 1!). Though, as far as good-to-fill-out forms go, the census maybe good but is very short considering the number of pages there is. I was very disappointed in how quickly I came to the end of the form 🙁

  3. vera says:

    Joan, you’ll hear from me in a few weeks when the first part of my market research assignment is due. I hope your family likes filling out forms too — I need 15 participants for a survey. I hope you’ve shopped at David Jones before…

  4. vera says:

    Yay! I’ll send it to you too. If this was a REAL market research project you probably wouldn’t be allowed to participate, but this isn’t real…

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