Going nowhere

Whenever I go to the gym, I think about the waste of energy. For most of history, there were no such things as gyms because people expended energy by walking, farming, doing household chores, climbing stairs. Now, it’s kind of funny thinking about all the people at the gym cycling on the spot, going nowhere. Or running a treadmill, going nowhere. Or climbing on the StairMaster, going nowhere. Or lifting weights, up and down, up and down, then putting them back exactly where they were before.

Sometimes, I think that all those machines should be hooked up to generators so that the dissipating energy could be put back into the electricity grid. Wouldn’t it be great if the roomful of people could power a laundromat? We could arrive at the gym, load up the washing machine and ride our way to clean clothes.


  1. misscipher says:

    What an excellent idea! I will definitely keep that in mind, who knows, the idea might be put into action very soon in the near future! 🙂

    I hope you are having an excellent time in England. Good luck with everything! Meanwhile, I have some reading to catch up on. 😉

  2. joanium says:

    Someone told me that if you work for Yahoo, you can get a discount on your lunch if you use their gym. I think the deal is that 20 minutes on the exercise bike will generate some electricity and get you a cheaper meal. I wonder if this is true?

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