Eight computers, unhungry again, and unproductive

On the weekend, I spent 6.5 hours cutting open dozens of cardboard boxes, pulling out eight sets of computer towers, monitors, keyboard, mouses, software, assembling them, crawling under computer desks to wire them up, plug them in, untangle them, rewire, uninstalling trial software, installing indispensable freeware, installing Microsoft office, setting up a wireless network, printer network, riding to electronics stores to buy more power boards, setting up administrator and user accounts, setting defaults for printing, security, software updates, registering software, flattening cardboard boxes, piling them into a mountain of tired cardboard.

Today I posted a box of software back to the computer store, was on the phone with tech support to troubleshoot a dead DVD-RW drive on one of the new computers (turned out the computer assembler didn’t plug the power into the drive), picked up two new toner cartridges and installed them, posted instructions for accessing the wireless network on the wall, updated security settings on the computers, and helped someone with the wireless settings on their laptop.


In the past week, I have lost my appetite. I eat breakfast and lunch as normal. By the time dinner comes around, I prod my stomach and am still unhungry. I’ve skipped dinner about four times in the past week.

If you’re not hungry, is it better to eat something as scheduled or not eat?

I haven’t changed my level of activity. I ran around doing the computer stuff on Saturday, biked four miles and walked the same on Sunday, ran around carrying boxes today.

Besides puzzlement about my lack of appetite, I’m worried about all the food in the fridge. I bought enough groceries to feed normal Joan appetite. Now there’s too much food. Lack of eating led to three of my potatoes turning green and white and fluffy.

I ended up cooking a big pot of vegetable curry to stop any further deterioration. That was on Thursday last week. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep the curry.

I wasn’t hungry today but I ate dinner anyway. I hate wasting food.

I’ve decided not to buy any food this week and live on the dried foods in my cupboard, plus 10 eggs. I might buy some milk and a bit of fruit too.

Maybe I’ve been eating too much all my life. For each meal, I would typically eat one or two sandwiches worth of food mass (I rarely eat sandwiches but you get an idea of the serving size). It will be hard to change my concept of ‘meal’ to something smaller.

I haven’t been productive at all for the past three weeks. It bothers me. Mostly, it’s my own fault. I get tired and instead of working through it or walking it off, I sleep or read or go on the internet. Like now.


  1. Katie says:

    hey miss ko.. long time no speak. I do check your blog when I’m having a procrastination day though.. My advice re food is pay attention to vera and freze it. with your other perishables, make a big bucket-a-soup and freeze that too. I went through a similar puzzling phase.. Wish it hadn’t passed cos now I seem to be constanting hungry! Take care, Katie x

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