The supervision system when it works

An important part of doing research is, of course, working with your supervisor. I’ve had three or four meetings with Dr F during my research. He talks me through developing ideas, reviews my work quickly, and is encouraging.

Before he went on two weeks leave, I met Dr F to talk about a very rough draft I had emailed him three days before. He was satisfied with my progress but recommended I extend myself by building a formal systems framework around my project.

I felt a bit anxious that I had to do so much work in the last few weeks of my course but I felt like I should try out his suggestion.

I spent a whole day doodling a systems map and staring thoughtfully at the computer. My eyebrows were furrowed for three days. Tonight, finally, I came up with something exciting, even useful! I am so pleased. I think this will make my dissertation much better.

Thank you, supervisor!

Locating barriers to the adoption of energy efficiency in houses by developers


  1. vera says:

    My office-mate was complaining about her supervisors today. She has two of them, and neither of them do anything. She mentioned that she didn’t feel she was getting enough attention, and basically they said, “That’s the way it is. I got through my PhD without seeing my supervisor more than three times, you can too.”


  2. Yap! It's 3088... says:

    Can see you put in alot of effort in Vensim. Beats me trying to comprehend the whole diagram, but it did look like a nice flower from far.

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