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I’ve lived in my flat since November last year. Yesterday I finally figured out how to turn on the television.

I watched Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4. It made me happy because it reminded me that I have a healthy normal body and that I should do whatever I can to keep it that way.

I watched Grand Designs and that made me think that people who build their own homes are ego maniacs who don’t know how to manage projects.

Well. Maybe it’s just people who nominate themselves to go on TV with their life-defining project homes who are ego maniacs who don’t know how to manage projects.

I also watched part of City of Vice, a show I’ve mentioned before. It’s a drama series about the battle to bring law and order to London’s streets during the 1700s. Once again, one of my favourite places has been revealed to be a historic slum of desperate poverty and wickedness. Seven Dials is now very hip and home to my favourite London eatery (Food for Thought). But back in Georgian England, it was crowded with starving people and a lair for criminals and prostitutes. It’s amazing how places can change so much.

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  1. Alden says:

    Hey Joan! What a coincidence. It was one of the unusual days i tuned in to C4 yesterday. I was watching the same programmes as you! I remember discussing about urine colours with my friends and they wouldn’t believe that colour has anything to do with dehydration. Now I can put you in the witness box if i ever need to argue with them again. I was also on City of Vice. It’s really nice seeing how certain parts of London and the people were like in the old days. Did they ever used so much *F* in those days???Staying in London is so much more interesting now!

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