• joanium says:

      I had forgotten about peak banana! Yes, a very worrying issue. Without bananas, I have no sweet squishy substitute for my morning Weet Bix.

      Well, you may be relieved to know that this banana shortage is due to Cyclone Yasi rather than a permanent trend 🙂 The last time this happened was Cyclone Larry.

    • joanium says:

      My parents said that there was a banana glut at the Dandenong Market, something like 99 cents a kilo. They said maybe it was because when the banana trees were toppled by Cyclone Yasi, the farmers rushed over and salvaged as much fruit as they can. So now we have a mass of bananas all ripening at the same time.

  1. Laura Frost says:

    Latest news on the banana trade in NYC-

    5 lovely yellow fruits for 1 crisp green dollar.

    Crazy prices. And since they were grown in the ‘Americas’, some even like to call them “local”. Dubious branding, methinks.

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