Not part of the club

I was going to Sydney for a workshop and it happened that a member of the Board group was also going. We met up at the end of the day before to check in online. This way we could sit together.

‘Bye, Joan!’ he said after it was done. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow at the Qantas Club!’

In dismay, I called after him, ‘I’m not a member of the Qantas Club…’

The next day, I had to loiter in the food court and wait for my colleague to arrive so that I could tail him into the Qantas Club.


  1. Kaye says:

    Was it any good? I’ve heard at the Melbourne airport the Virgin lounge is better, but I imagine that in general the Qantas lounges are swankier.

  2. joanium says:

    I liked it, mainly for the free breakfast. The breakfast wasn’t flash — fruit and cereals, so no hot food. But everything was neat and shiny. I did like the gluten free cereal, tasty.

    I didn’t roam around the rest of the lounge. I think there were newspapers. I guess I have no other lounges to compare to except for travellers lounges at hotels.

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