Float like a butterfly

Damjan and I are teaching Rachael and Julian a waltz for their first wedding dance.

‘Hmm,’ I said, pondering the step that Rachael and Julian had dutifully taken on my instructions.

‘I think it’ll be too slow to do it the way I said. Instead of doing a full L-shape, try sweeping your foot diagonally to land to the side.’

Here is the way I originally described the basic waltz step.

The basic waltz step

The basic waltz step means your foot moves in L-shapes.

And this is what I showed Rachael and Julian to do instead.

The basic waltz with a diagonal shortcut

To shortcut the basic waltz step, you can move your foot diagonally.

Julian made the switch quickly and was soon keeping up in time with the music.

‘That’s great, Julian,’ I said. ‘Rachael, remember you don’t need to bring your foot right back, just go straight across.’

‘It’s like sweeping your foot over a soccer ball,’ Julian said helpfully. ‘That’s the way I think of it.’


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