Slavski kolač, dino style

Damjan’s family celebrates St George as their Slava (Patron Saint Day) on November 16.  This year, Mira taught us how to make Slavski kolač, the special Slava bread with its own Facebook page.

The bread is highly decorated, and in our case, slightly sweet and lemony.

Beginning the Slavski kolač
Mira used her Kitchen Aid to make dough, which we form into balls.
Dough rises
We let the dough rise and it joins into the base of the Slavski kolač. Damjan coats it with egg.
Slavski kolač decorations
Slavski kolač is traditionally decorated with doves, sheaves of wheat, grape bunches, barrels, flowers and religious symbols.
Dinosaur figure for the Slavski kolač
We are keen to add our own embellishments. Damjan is shaping a dinosaur here.
Dinosaur figure for the Slavski kolač
Damjan goes to the effort of giving the dinosaur eyes.
Completed! Slavski kolač
Here is the Slavski kolač, all baked. The decorations are white because they aren’t coated in egg the way the base is. See the large white lump at the bottom of the photo? Unfortunately, our dinosaur slipped into the edge of the baking dish and became unrecognisably fossilised.
Breaking of bread
The traditional way of breaking the bread seems to be a tug-of-war.


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