Moving on

Yesterday, I handed in my dissertation. I’m happy with it. The thing I worried most about my research (and all my work at uni and as a consultant) is that I’ll write a report that says nothing new or useful, and that it will sit on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. I am, however, happy that I’ve said something interesting. Enough people have read it that I think that it might even be useful. So I have achieved everything I want from this year.

I said goodbyes. Many of those goodbyes were final. I’ve never said so many final goodbyes before. It was a strange, sad feeling.

After I gave in my work, Damjan and I packed up my room and much of the house. It took longer than I expected and I was frantic, worried it wouldn’t get done before we had to leave Cambridge. There were so many bits and pieces that I forgot I had — bank statements, chargers, computer warranties, souvenirs… But it all got done and as the taxi pulled up to the bus stop with two giant suitcases, a medium-giant backpack, a small backpack, and a shopping bag, my agitation melted away.

I am now at Damjan’s house with a cold but without any worries.

I will write again this week. Bye!


  1. vera says:

    I can’t believe you’ve finished already!

    Can you imagine when everyone finishes studying? It’s going to be so strange… We’ll be all grown up…

  2. n la danseuse says:

    Remind me… You’ll still be in the country next year, won’t you? Hopefully in that case you’ll make it to the odd GD/Ball so I can still say hi 🙂

  3. Kiki says:

    Oh, Joan! You have caught a cold??!! Take care and wish you a quick recovery! Yes, I feel sad when I say goodbye too!!! And I am leaving Cambridge in two days’ time… I will miss Cambridge!!!

  4. joanium says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    I’m sneezing and dribbling less now so my cold must be going away. I do have a strange gum ache, though. I’m glad these aches and pains were decent enough to stay away while I was writing up!

    Nattie, I will be back in the UK in October and will surely make it to some Cambridge dancing.

    Kiki, I hope we can organise some meet ups for the people who have stayed in the UK. And with Facebook and email (and blogs), you never say goodbye forever these days!

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